Nour, Ahmad and Mayass

What’s worse than having to go to school?

Having no school to go to.

I’m proud to have made this film with my amazing Silverfish Media colleagues for Theirworld, a charity getting on with it and getting Syrian refugee kids into school.

If you can spare a moment to spread the word or send the cash, you know what to do.

Meanwhile, for a definition of pluck, watch Nour, Ahmad and Mayass.

2 thoughts on “Nour, Ahmad and Mayass

  1. Dominic
    thank you for coming out to lebanon to meet Noor, Ahmad and Mayass – amazing young people who have seen far too much in their short lives who are just so transformed by the opportunity to go back to school after a long gap. I hope Ahmad fulfils his dream to become an engineer and return to Syria to help rebuild his beloved country. So school places are funded now in Lebanon for 200,000 Syrian refugee children but now there needs to be a plan for 200,000 more with new schools and new ideas to deliver education beyond school. Thanks for joining this journey to create hope – Sarah X

  2. What a fantastic way to highlight the plight of innocent children in Syria. I will spread the word to everyone I know about the great work that TheirWorld are doing to support and improve the lives of these wonderful kids. Well done.

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