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  1. Not of Anthony ( who I was delighted to know) but of Muna Tseng taken at Anthony’s house which were part of an exhibition about her with Caroline Choa as her dance partner. I’m currently in Kyoto, back in London June when I could send some.

  2. Hello Dom!
    I am happy to have found your site. And I have one or two photos of Anthony for you…but I can’t seem to find out how to contribute. Much warm wishes.

  3. Just found this site through Twitter. Wanted to say how much I admired Anthony. I interviewed him for the 1999 Laurence Olivier awards programme for the BBC. I had met his sister while filming the Cowes Week festival on the IOW and she gave me his agent’s contact details. I arranged an interview one Sunday lunchtime and turned up with the crew. Anthony answered the door and clearly had no clue that the interview had been booked. He was also just finishing Sunday lunch. Despite this, he welcomed us, even taking a taxi round the island looking for suitable locations. We ended up back at the house where he gave a wonderful, insightful interview, some of which we showed on the programme. He was truly inspiring, humble and is much missed.

  4. Omg!!! Its been 9 years…Anthony Minghella. The first day I walked into your office and that warm and welcoming smile filled my heart to joy. I’m SOOO emotional because your death seems soo untrue. I could not believe my ears when I heard the news that evening I was sooooo devastated. I have tried SOOO many years to get to one of he’s family members. We had such an uncommon bond while we were shooting the No. 1 ladies detective agency. This text box is took small to say it all words are not enough to express my emotions. I still remember those last words you said before you left “I’m coming back for you and I’m going to make you a star”. Things haven’t been the same but I send my whole hearted condolences to he’s family member’s and love. Anthony had a heart of an angel!!!! Praying for a reply

    Little Precious Romotswe

  5. So kind of you to write, and how sad that he could not come back for you. I am so glad to hear that Anthony’s beautiful soul left its imprint on you. We miss him beyond words. Keep safe!

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