Anthony Minghella

Many people have kindly sent me photographs of Anthony.  I’m touched that even professional photographers have gone out of their way to help me remember my fantastic brother.

If you have any photographs of Anthony, or of related subjects such as his films, would you please forward them to me here?  I will build my archive and hope to share it with you.

If you are sending material, please indicate whether you are happy for it to be made public or whether you prefer it to be kept private.

Love – as AM would say – and blessings.


Some contributed photos here

Links to Anthony in public blog



2 thoughts on “Anthony Minghella

  1. I have to send this message to nobody, to the space, I bought Anthonys plays last year and I had such a joy reading them, so much happiness. Being as I am from south Europe living in Scandinavia I find that Anthony represented both traditions, the romantic-sentimental-catolic and the nordic-protestant-rational culture, there is a subtle element that I can appreciate and heals me every time I read or watch his work. I feel close to his voice as a brother, as a family member, I can not help it.

    Im beginning my professional career as play writer and film director in Norway and sometimes before a meeting I keep his book in my coat pocket as an amulet. I know my masters and want them close to my hearth. I hope the best for his family, the best karma for them. And GRAZIE TANTE.

  2. Well that’s the kind of romantic thing Anthony would have done! Good luck! And thank you.

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